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Yunnan University (RIIO) and Pathfinder Collaborate: Studies in Investment Environment, Maritime Silk Road and Chinese Business Practices.

At the invitation of the Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies (RIIO) of Yunnan University of Finance and Economic (YUFE) the Executive Director, Mr. Luxman Siriwardena of Pathfinder Foundation recently participated in the Sixth RIIO International Conference on Common Development between China and Indian Ocean Economies. The presentation of Mr. Siriwardena, at the Second Session was tilted as, “South Asia focused on Dilemmas of Small States in the Indian Ocean: Economic Development, Strategic and Security Dynamics”. The participants at the conference included academia from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and U.S.A.




At the end of the conference Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Pathfinder Foundation and RIIO was signed at the same venue. Under the MoU both parties have agreed to cooperate in three key areas: (I) Policy analysis and review of Maritime Silk Road , India Ocean strategic issues, China- South Asia and China- Sri Lanka relations through research and other knowledge-based processes, such as socio-economic trend analysis. (II) Strengthening the areas of cooperation, including studies on, investment environment in Indian Ocean economies in general and Sri Lanka in particular, Chinese business ethics and practices and its impact on local enterprises and other such economic issues of bilateral or multilateral implications for China and Sri Lanka. (III) To conduct joint studies on Indian Ocean economies, their foreign policy and economic relations so as to better reflect and incorporate Sri Lankan and Chinese perspectives and priorities in an international policy setting.

As a follow up to the signing of the the MoU, Mr. Siriwardena held discussions with the YUFE and RIIO on possible collaborative arrangement with a prospective Sri Lankan university and other academic institutes. In the discussions it was decided to explore the feasibility of introducing a study programme on Chinese economy, business and business ethics with Chinese language. Both sides agreed to continue the dialogue and identify potential third party partners where needed.





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