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Sri Lanka at present is experiencing its worst economic crisis in history. Since 2020, the Pathfinder Foundation, has substantially contributed to the discourse on economic sustainability and macroeconomic stability in Sri Lanka by proposing changes and advocating for reforms in all major sectors in the economy.

These reports, articles and more have been fed into the organization’s groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform - Pathfinder Digital Insights. Pathfinder Foundation’s most recent initiative is an innovative venture where its reports and other output documents produced over Pathfinder Digital Insights enables readers to make productive use of their time by filtering through key topics and areas of interest in reports, newspaper articles, conference materials, discussions, and background papers with ease. Our goal is to deliver insights on topics important to our partners and collaborators. This platform essentially enables the user to utilize his/her time efficiently while browsing through publications and unlocks insights from documents providing different perspectives.


Pathfinder Digital Insights developed an interactive timeline that highlights the series of recommendations that Pathfinder has contributed to Sri Lanka's current economic crisis.


Executive Summary & Topic Navigator

Some of the work done by the Pathfinder have focused on a new economic vision Post-COVID-19, macroeconomic impact of the pandemic and policy choices for Sri Lanka; articles on taxation; consequences of defaulting on sovereign debt and restructuring external debt, perspectives on urgent reforms to resuscitate the economy; and recommendations for Sri Lanka on debt restructuring and bridge finance for humanitarian purposes.

Reading all these reports and articles will take a number of hours, if not days. AI – powered insights of Pathfinder however, enables the reader to obtain a summarized/snapshot of the information contained in these documents through the Executive Summary.

The Topic Navigator is a dynamic diagram through which the reader can explore the reports and/or newspaper articles by key topics. This feature is designed to present aggregate information quickly.

Here are the Pathfinder articles that can be viewed through the AI platform:

Recommendations for Sri Lanka: Debt Restructuring and Bridge Finance for Humanitarian Purposes

A Pathfinder perspective on urgent reforms to resuscitate economy

Sri Lanka has no room to maneuver: A Pathfinder Perspective

Lest we forget remembering the ‘Pathfinder Beyond the Box: A New Economic Vision for Post

Nightmare Scenario: A Default on Sovereign Debt

Sri Lanka has no choice but to Restructure External Debt: A Pathfinder Perspective

Pulling back from the precipice: A Pathfinder perspective

Pathfinder Occasional Paper on Macroeconomic Impact of COVID-19 and Policy Choices for Sri Lanka

Proceed with caution: Is Sri Lanka’s Approach to Import Substitution Sensible?

Sri Lanka has to set an urgent glide path to the IMF

Sri Lanka Economy Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: Yet a Stitch in Time Could Save Nine

Agenda for urgent economic action for the new Cabinet

Pathfinder Beyond the Box: A NEW ECONOMIC VISION for Post-COVID-19 Sri Lanka

Powered by latest technologies, ‘Pathfinder Digital Insights’  is designed to deliver a bird’s eye view of our work, specifically on reports, articles, discussions, remarks, and background papers. AI-powered insights from Pathfinder enables the reader to utilize their time efficiently and stay informed. We hope you enjoy this experience and would appreciate your feedback at


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