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From a Bloated Public Service to Higher Productivity and Incomes for Public Servants

Historical Legacy


Since the mid-60s, the public service has been subject to a high degree of politicization under successive regimes. During the 70s and 80s, the public service cadre and recruitment procedures went through many changes primarily to serve the partisan objectives. Even during the so-called economic liberalization phase, our political leaders continued to appoint increasing numbers of party supporters, friends and even relatives disregarding well-known and accepted management practices. Since 2005, the country has experienced a dramatic increase of the public service from 600,000 to 1.4 mn.

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Exploiting our Natural Gas Bonanza: Let us get it Right this Time Around

The Pathfinder Foundation’s (PF) previous Energy Alert concluded that the key challenge for Sri Lanka’s energy security was to reduce its dependence on imported oil while containing energy costs in the economy. These twin objectives can best be achieved by maximizing the benefits from the natural gas discoveries in the Mannar basin.

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Sri Lanka’s Energy Security: From Import Dependence to Production

As a first step, two articles will be published on: (1) the broad landscape connected with Sri Lanka’s energy security; and (2) issues to be addressed to attain the twin objectives of energy security and reduced cost of power, following the discovery of commercial quantities of natural gas in the Mannar basin. This article sets out the background landscape.

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