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The Mahoshada PerspectiveThe Pathfinder Foundation launched its latest book entitled “The Mahoshada Perspective: Commentaries on Economics and Development”, in January 2006.

This is a compendium of articles on economic issues published in Sri Lankan weekend newspaper “ Sunday Island ” during 2004 and 2005.The author who calls himself "Mahoshada" after the wise sage of Ummagga Jataka, has written on a wide range of current economic issues facing Sri Lanka . Fifty five essays have helped to influence economic thinking at the highest levels. With these weekly articles, Mahoshada has helped to fill a vacuum in economic policy debate in the country which has been dominated by outdated, anachronistic and populist rhetoric for a long time. Based on day to day issues in Sri Lanka , the essays by Mahoshada address issues relating to privatization, government subsidies, taxation, economic freedom, rural economy, unemployment, trade issues and globalization.




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