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Economy of Sri Lanka: Liberalization and Development

Sri Lanka ArthikayaThe Pathfinder Foundation launched the Sinhala publication titled “ Economy of Sri Lanka: Liberalization & Development” on the 11th of June 2008. The launching of the above book coincided with the Foundations 10th Sanvada on Price Controls of Rice.The book was authored by Dr. O G Dayaratne-Banda, Dr. J M Ananda Jayawickrama, Dr. Anoma Abayaratne and Dr. M B Ranathilaka from the University of Peradeniya. The book consists of 12 chapters focusing on topics such as ‘In a liberalized economy Sri Lanka’s fiscal policies,  The productiveness of foreign aid in economic development, Economic development for the benefit of the poor, Subsistence agricultural sector: government policies, logistics and future challenges, Small and medium industries and the globalized world economy, Industrial diversification: an analysis on recent trends, Export sector diversification and the historical background on direct investment policies: the agricultural era.’




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