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The Sinhala language translation of “The Mystery of Capital”

Segaunu DanayaThe Pathfinder Foundation translated the world renowned book ‘The Mystery of Capital’ written by the Peruvian economist Hernando De Soto. The Mystery of Capital could be among the most important books on economics of any century. De Soto notes that more than a decade after the fall of Marxism, the expected capitalist revolution has not occurred. Capitalism has been successful only in the developed nations and has made little progress in the third world or in the former communist states.

He and his team are convinced that the problem is the lack of well defined property rights. He notes that the poor in under-developed countries have assets, but that their real property is often owned informally, and thus cannot be used to generate capital. As a result, the crucial role of real property is simply absent in under-developed countries.

The Pathfinder Foundation has also translated and published the Mystery of Capital in the Tamil language.




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