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Harvard University & Pathfinder Foundation Leadership Seminar Series (2010 – 2011)

The Harvard - Pathfinder Foundation (PF) Leadership Seminar Series were intended to expose a cohort of very senior public officials, businessmen, academics and civil society representatives to high quality thinking among Harvard academics. The themes were to have resonance for assisting in the formulation of a reform agenda for post – conflict Sri Lanka. They would address the twin issues of consolidating the peace through reconciliation and developing a reform agenda for accelerating development in the context of a rapidly changing global economic landscape.

Six seminars were held on the first Thursday of each month during the period October 2010 to April 2011 (except January 2011). The list of Harvard presenters and the titles of their presentations were as follows:

  • Prof. Jeffry Frieden - The Origins of the International Financial Crisis and its Influence on the Future of Globalization.
  • Prof. Robert Rotberg - Leadership, Governance, and Conflict in the Developing World, in Comparative Perspective.
  • Prof. Hugh O’Doherty - The Meaning of Leadership in Seemingly Intractable Conflict.
  • Dr. Donna Hicks  - The Dignity Model
  • Richard Parker - Small Countries in a Time of Dramatic Global Change: What can Greece teach us?
  • Prof. Ashutosh Varshney - Ethnic Diversity and the Structure of Government?




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